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Dear friend, you are welcome once again to this blog. In this post I will be addressing the questions I know must be in your mind right now about online business. So carefully go through the answers and if you are not satisfied or have more questions kindly drop the question using the comment box at the end of this post.

Is online business real?

 Well for me this question is quite funny but I understand you because I was once like you. I want to tell you without any fear of contradiction that it is real. I am presently involved in many online businesses and I am earning from them. When you say 'online' you are talking about the internet, so the question is 'is internet real?' If the answer is yes and of course it is then online business is 100% real.

Can I really earn online?
This question is part of the first but I have decided to treat it separately. The answer is yes, you can earn legitimately online,  I said legitimately. This is not some kind of internet fraud as may be predominant in many parts of the world, I am talking about earning money legitimately online, it is 100% possible. Virtually every business in the world is in the internet, the money transacted online every minute of the day is far much bigger than the ones done in cash. You can become a multi-billionaire online but take note of this,  it is not by a click of a button as you have been seeing in many scam websites.  I will like to point out some things here.  Online business is not a get rich quick scheme,  any body that tells you other wise is deceiving you though the truth remains that you can earn more easily online and in fact from the comfort of your home and at your own convenient time. You just need to put some time and commitment.

What about the many scams I have been hearing about?
Even if you have been a victim your self it does not change the fact that you can make big money through the internet. Scams are every where, it is not only in the online market. There are scams even in the real real-time market, it's just that they bear different names such as fraud, piracy, fake etc. Yes there are scams in online business but there are also many legit online businesses, the problem is just how to discover them, that is why I created this blog as a means of tutoring you on how to discover and engage in legit online businesses. Yes there are scams online but the greatest of all scams is to believe every online business is a scam.

How then do I know which one is legit and scam? 
 Though in this blog I will be showing you the legit online businesses but please pay attention to this, most of the sites that promise you tons of dollars by you just clicking a button or sharing some Links that need to be clicked are scams. I am not saying there are no genuine pay per click(PPC) and cost per action(CPA) sites but I have discovered that a good number of them are wasters of time but in this blog I will be showing you the genuine ones.
Just as it is in real-time, you get paid for what you do, in most of the sites you will be required to complete little tasks that can take up to 5 to 15 minutes and you earn about 10 to 50 dollars. The major difference about working online is that you spent less time and you do things at your own convinience and pace.

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Do I need to invest money in order to earn?
 The truth is that it depends on the kind of business. Those that tell you you don't need to invest any money at all are telling you an incomplete truth,  there are actually many online businesses that you don't need to invest a dime to start earning, all you will invest is your time and data and you get paid tens and hundreds of dollars. Nevertheless there are those that require you investing some money before you can start earning but the good thing is that as you put in your time to it you will definitely earn far much more than you invested.

Do I need to be an expert to be involved?
  Any one that can use a computer or an Android phone can be involved in online business though there are ones that require some experience. In online business you gain experience as you continue getting invloved.
 You need to start on time to learn how to turn your device into a money making machine. Stop wasting your time and data for nothing. Stop spending and start earning.

I will stop here for now, I believe I have been able to answer some of your questions, other deep questions will be answer as I take you into the journey of earning online, it's a gradual thing.  Nevertheless if you still have some questions feel free to drop it using the comment box.

In my next post I am going to be showing you somethings that are do withouts if you must really be involved in online businesses. I will be showing you the necessary things you need to get in place before venturing into online business other wise you will get stuck on the way. So do me and yourself a favour by subscribing for email notifications so that you are not left behind when I write on that and that forget to always share this blog posts with your friends. Peace.

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