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In my last post I made a list of the things you need to start online business especially in Nigeria.

In that post I clearly stated that having a PayPal account is very important because most companies pay you online through PayPal, this is quite a big problem to Nigerians due to the limitation placed on Nigerians in the use of paypal, Nigerians are allow to pay through PayPal but can't be paid through it, that is quite frustrating  and somehow marginalizing right? but it's due to the controversies with Nigeria when it comes to online business.
'If you don't rank, you don't pay' This has been a great hindrance to Nigerians as they venture into online businesses, a situation where you labour to legitimately make some dollars online but can't have them.

There have been a lot of posts, e-books, videos and tutorials that have been made in attempt to give a solution to this, some tell you to resort to Payoneer but I promise you payoneer will not just do because most companies pay through PayPal. Some tell you you can create a fund receiving PayPal in Nigeria by using VPN service but that would cost you money and it's not even secure. Some advise ygou to falsify your information by maybe choosing another country and getting visual addresses and in fact manipulating a whole lot of things but if your conscience allows you that will be a whole lot of stress. Some tell you to find a friend or brother in those countries that are not limited to create a PayPal and then you receive your earning through them, well that sounds good but then you will need somebody you can trust, and what if you don't have anybody in those countries? You may have tried all these but failed and you are now frustrated like I was about it, the good news is that you have come to the end of that struggle by seeing yourself in this page, it is now a story of the past that you can't receive money through PayPal in Nigeria because I am going to show you a very simple way to create a PayPal that receives fund in Nigeria, you don't need a friend or brother oversea, you don't need vpn service, you don't need to falsify any of your information, all you need is a link. I personally created a fund receiving PayPal and linked my card all by myself and have also used it to register with companies that pay through PayPal and it was all accepted. I know you want that link that will solve the problem for you. You don't need to buy any e-book from me or pay any money like many will demand from you, 
You will only pay me if you don't want to create the PayPal account yourself but want me to do it for you.

To hire me
Contact: 08131289796
Whattsapp: 09053255560

If want to do it yourself then click the link below. After successful creation of your fund receiving PayPal account do come back here to give your testimony.

Click here to view the link

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