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Dear friend I welcome you once again to this blog. Like I promised in my previous post I am going to show you ten things you need to get in place if you must smoothly be involved in online businesses. I had a lot of problems because I didn't know these things, you are lucky now that you don't need to have those frustrating experiences because I have compiled a list of the necessary requirements that when you have them in place I guarantee you smooth progress.

 Don't be in a haste to jump into
online business, if you are serious you will be ready within one or two weeks. You can still start doing some of the businesses without some of these requirements  but I advise you to make it a priority to get these things in place. As you go through the list I want you to take note of every word.
Here is the list

1. A computer/android phone with a fast internet connection
 Of course you can not be talking about online businesses without these. You need at least a good android phone with a fast internet connection, having a computer system(desktop, laptop,  palmtop, notebook)  will be wonderful and splendid but you can start with just your android, apple or windows phone I single handedly created and customised my first blog with my Tecno Y2 phone.

2. Active email address(es) and phone number(s)
  This are very important. You must have an email address(gmail in particular), for me I have three email addresses(two personal email
addreses and one business email address). In fact all online platforms require your email address for sign up and verification.  You should also have an active phone number(s) because it is always required. If you don't have an email address click on the link below to get one, it's easy and simple
    Create email address

3. Social media accounts
 If you are serious about online business you must have social media accounts for generating traffics to your business sites . A facebook account is a must for you, you also need to be on twitter, whatsapp, instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn in order to generate leads, The social media is not just where you go to post pictures, turn them into money making platforms.

4. A PayPal account
  PayPal is a payment system that allows you to pay and receive money online, the currency is usually dollar, this is because most companies that pay you online pay in dollars, so if you don't have a PayPal account you may be able to make a lot of dollars online but you can't withdraw them. Unfortunately Nigerians are only allowed to pay through PayPal but can't receive through it, this is the greatest chalange to online merchants in Nigeria but there is hope. In this blog I will teach you how to easily create a PayPal account that both sends and receives payment in Nigeria. If you can't wait until I create the post you can hire me to do it for you in just three days contact me on 08131289796 or send me a message on whatsapp by clicking here
5. A payoneer account
   Payoneer is another payment system like PayPal. Some companies have also started paying through Payoneer but PayPal is still the best used as of now. You still need s payoneer account even if you have a paypal account for a very vital reason which I will show you in the next subheading, I want to reiterate that you need both PayPal and Payoneer. Unlike PayPal you can send and receive money(dollars) through Payoneer.  Take note that you need a national ID to sign up for Payoneer, the ID can your national ID card, passport or voters card. Click on the link below to create a Payoneer account
  Payoneer sign up 

6. A Payoneer master card that comes with a virtual US bank account
  This is where PayPal and Payoneer work together. After you have successfully created your Payoneer account you need to request for a Payoneer master card that usually arrive within three weeks, the card comes with a US bank account. You can use the card to withdraw your Payoneer money from any Nigerian ATM. You will use the virtual account that comes with it for PayPal withdrawal because you can't link a Nigerian account to PayPal but you can link a Nigerian ATM card to it, you can also link your Payoneer master card to it, you can link two cards or more. All you need is to link the  US bank account to paypal so you can easily withdraw your money from PayPal. Take note that you must not link a bank account to receive money into PayPal, all you need to receive money into PayPal is just the email address you used to open your PayPal account. Linking of bank account is just for easy withdrawal from PayPal, it does not also mean that you must link a bank account in order to withdraw, if you are in Nigeria there are companies or persons that buy PayPal money and pay you in naira by cash or transfer. You just need to find trustworthy people to buy from you. I will also be showing you those that buy PayPal money in Nigeria in my subsequent posts.

7. Other payment system accounts 
   Apart from PayPal and Payoneer, you also need to have accounts with other payment systems like:

8. Active local bank account(s) and ATM card(s)
  It is very important you have these. I personally have two of each, I use one of each for my online businesses.

9. A domiciary/dollar account 

Online business is about international transactions. If you are in Nigeria you may find it difficult to do some of the transactions without a domiciary account. Many Nigerian banks require you to open the account with a minimum of 100 dollars but there is hope. Guarantee Trust Bank(GTB) Allows you to open a domiciary account with 0 dollars.

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I opened mine like that, all you need is an Identity card,  NEPA bill, two passports photographs and two referees(two people that have a current account with any bank). Go to the nearest GTB and open your domiciary account today.

when you get these things ready you are good to go. I will keep updating you with other tools or softwares you may need at the course of time.

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